Our winery

Grapes are cared and selected in vineyards and then, they are moved to an individual place in the winery.

 ‘Wine is conceived in the vine, not at the winery’

As we follow this premise, every vineyard plot is specially worked depending on the wine that will be made, and searching in such a vineyard characteristics that then will be highlighted at the winery.

The winery has reception systems equipped with the most modern technology that allows a perfect separation of a grape and the rest of the cluster components, without damaging its integrity. Elements like the latest generation of peristaltic pumps and pneumatic presses are included.

 An energy constant control process allows us to handle grape fermentation and to lower temperature as much as necessary, making cool maceration process to carry fruit expressions to wine.

The pumping systems of grapes and must, or wine supply them of an extremely delicate handling and without oxygen incorporation.

A vast majority of the winery has epoxy-coated reinforced concrete vessels. This achieves a higher thermal inertia and a higher wine stability as time passes, provided that their walls have more than 20 cm of thickness for isolating wine of the outside temperature variations.

 Moreover, small and variable volumes of vessels are a fundamental component when it comes to make wines distinguished by plots and quality.

 There is a relationship between height and width vessels that allow an optimal red grape wine fermentation with broad upper openings to do assembly operations.

 The winery has 2 levels and a capacity of 2,6 million liters. The upper part is mainly aimed for red grape wine fermentation, with broad upper openings. The lower part of the winery, known as ‘cellars’, is used for white grape wine fermentation and finished wine storage for the reason that it has a uniform temperature all year round.

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