Our vineyards

Our cultivated fields aspire to obtain a maximum expression of grapes in every altitude. In the lower areas of the central valley, ideal for Syrah and Bonarda grape varietals, the fruit is the main ingredient. In the higher areas of Luján, excellent for Malbec and Chardonnay grape varietals, concentration and mineral descriptors are outstanding.

Our work philosophy involves respect and concern for the environment. We achieve a close relationship between people and vineyard, caring sustainable and future resources of those who will be the next to come.

To improve the soil structure, we create a programme of pasture sowing and pruning shoots incorporation that allow the production of insects and earthworms in soils to contribute natural and sustainable organic matter.

We tend to use a minimum of agrochemicals not only we do this for environment protection but also for our product final addressees. Moreover, the care of the water plays a crucial role in the agriculture sustainability of Mendoza, that’s why large reservoirs with natural fish allow rational and timely use of water.

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