Mendoza Region

Mendoza is a deserted region located in western Argentina, the altitudes range from 700 m to the highest mountain in the Americas, the Aconcagua (almost 7000 m high). This geography joined together a clearly continental climate with an extremely low mean precipitation, and a long tradition in the river water use allows the development of vineyards to produce excellent quality grapes and wines. The excellent heights for grape growing are up to 1500 m above see level

‘Terroir is the same that makes a vineyard particular, it is a unique combination of climate, soil, water, sun, altitude and viticulture practices. Lengthy sun exposure and cool nights are features of Mendoza’s summers.‘

We search that in our vineyards, we want to understand the soil, climate and water in order to obtain the noblest grapes that then will be turned into wine. We are convinced that the wine begins in the vineyard and it is there where we start our work.

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