Francisco Acosta, along with his family, came from Polopos, his home town situated in the south of Granada, Spain, in 1952. With purely agricultural roots and a viticulture tradition, the Acosta Family was deeply moved by its self-improvement enthusiasm and a constant effort culture. So the family settled in the province of Mendoza and it has carried on with the grape production.

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This family tradition and his childhood among vineyards made him to decide a restructuring in the grape production in the year 2002, searching vineyard high quality in a traditionally producing area like it is the central valley of Mendoza. New conduction systems, vines of high-end varieties and traditional irrigation systems combined to produce grapes of excellent quality.

The early years were exclusive of a true love for vineyards, it is here where they shape their future and need more concern. As the years went by, there was the need of the family’s own winery and therefore founded a state-of-the-art winery on the basis of a traditional winery of the seventies. Once more, the family searches that thin balance between tradition and technology which make wines into a unique passion.

Wine making is a process that begins at the moment that a grapevine is planted, and it is growing day by day taking care of the grapes in the vineyard and then, wines in the winery. That’s why people, who work with us now, have been part of this process from its conception with commitment and dedication for our daily work.

The passion for wines and the search for details and quality in every moment, lead us to develop new vineyards in the highest areas of Luján de Cuyo.  We are still working there.

This is the beginning of a story that is forged in one of the most beautiful viticulture regions of the world, a passion and effort story that we want to convey in each bottle.